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Below the cut there are various FCs that would fall into various alternative subcultures in terms of either style or music. They are all in various ages, but most of them might take a while in order to find their age, so you’ll have to figure out an age range yourself. It does include Youtube, and they shall be marked as such. If you have any suggestions to add to this list, please message me, and I’ll add them! Please like or reblog if it helped!

Elena Vladi

Felice Fawn

Kerli Koiv

Skye Sweetnam

Marilyn Manson

Amelia Arsenic

Melora Creager

Amanda Palmer


Jeffree Star


Maggie Lally

Ulorin Vex

Veronica Varlow

Emilie Autumn

Avril Lavigne


Ryo (Blood Stain Child)

Ryu (Blood Stain Child)

Aki (Blood Stain Child)

Makoto (Blood Stain Child)

Melora Creager

Nysrok Infernalien

Hayley Williams

Bill Kaulitz

Tom Kaulitz

Andy Biersack

Dahvie Vanity

Jayy Monroe

Bryan Erickson

Ash Costello

Jake Pitts

Ashley Purdy


Christian Coma

LeahMouse (Youtuber)

Leda Muir (Youtuber)

Sebastian Columbine (Youtuber)

Amy Lee

Candia Ribley

Rani Sharone

Gil Sharone

Lady Joo Hee

Contessa Montebello



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